Friday, December 17, 2010

Calibre: Easy E-book Management.

With the popularity of e-readers and e-books on the rise, a lot of us are finding ourselves with pretty extensive e-book collections.  Some are in PDF format, others in epub and various other formats, so how do you get them all tagged, organized and converted into one format?

I was browsing on a few weeks back, in my Nook group, and came across a post about a software program called Calibre.  Some people were raving about it, so I thought that I would look into it, since I have a pretty large e-books collection.  So, I checked it out, and I LOVE it.

One of the greatest things about Calibre is that you can use it no matter what e-reader you have.  When you install the program, it takes you through a setup wizard and you select your specific e-reader so it can configure it.  From there, you load in your e-books.  I found that most of the information that was attached to my e-books was wrong or out of order.  When you edit the 'metadata' as its called in the program, it gives you the option to search for the book and download the data, including summaries, tags, and ratings.  You can also download covers, or you can manually load them.  It also gives you the option to convert your e-books to epub or various other formats.  Once you load your books, it creates a separate library, so you can back up the original files (just in case) on an external drive and delete the originals from your hard drive.  The user interface is incredibly simple, even if you are not really tech savvy, you'll be able to figure this one out.  It does come with a built in e-reader, but I thought that it left a lot to be desired, so I would still recommend using B&N software or whichever other your prefer.

So, let's go over the pros and cons one more time:
  • Compatible with nearly any e-reader
  • Simple design, easy to use
  • Instant download of book data
  • Option to organize by tag, author, and series
  • It's completely free!
  • Built in e-reader software isn't up to par.
I'd say that the good outweighs the bad!  I would highly recommend this software.  And the best part is, its completely free!  Below is a video that was made by the creator to take you on a walk through of the software's features.  This was with the first version of the software I believe, but the newest version is not much different, just with some added features.  To download this software, you can visit

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Stephanie said...

Just a note, I too use Calibre and I own the latest edition of the Amazon Kindle. When formatting in the Kindle format (.mobi) it kind of distorts the book a little. Not to the point where it's unreadable but enough to be noticeable.

Even with that it's a great program and I use it often.

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