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REVIEW: Duma Key by Stephen King

book cover of Duma Key by Stephen King
Title:  Duma Key
Author:  Stephen King
Publish Date:  January 2008
Genre:  Horror, Adult Fiction
Page Count:  611 pages

     For most readers, when you think of Stephen King, you immediately think horror.  Vampires in Salem's Lot, or undead, zombie like children from Pet Cemetery.  However, Duma Key has a different brand of horror.  Rather than using the supernatural, King deals more with the aspect of health and sanity, which will still scare the hell out of you.

     The plot takes place on Duma Key, Florida, on a nearly uninhabitable island.  Edgar Freemantle has found refuge there after suffering a construction accident that took his arm and left his brain scrambled.  The sunset on Duma Key, from the house he dubs "Big Pink" makes him want to draw and it turns out he has a knack for it, though he never really knows what he's drawing.  Elizabeth Eastlake, who owns the island, has artistic talent of her own.  One thing that Ms. Eastlake, her caretaker Mr. Wireman, and Edgar all have in common is that they have suffered some sort of head injury 

     King takes his time at the beginning explaining Edgar's story (his accident and his divorce).  The beginning of the novel drags a bit, with hints and secrets dropped here and there to keep you interested.  As Edgar struggles with his memory and his paintings become more and more strange, King builds suspense for his audience.  The last part of the book, about the last third, throws the reader into a fury of action.  As the action builds, it becomes more and more apparent to Edgar and Wireman that something has drawn them there, because something sinister that has been lying dormant has finally come to life again.

     Though it isn't the traditional King that I know and love, it was still a good read.  He draws you in from the beginning, although it does take a good minute to really get into the story.  Overall, I would give the novel a 3.5 out of 5.

     Think you might want to give it a try?  Read reviews or purchase the book at Amazon!  Duma Key: A Novel

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