Monday, December 13, 2010

REVIEW: Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub

book cover of Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub
Title:  Black House
Author(s):  Stephen King and Peter Straub
Publish Date:  September 2001
Genre:  Horror, Fantasy, Adult Fiction
Page Count:  640 pages

     The sequel to the Talisman. 

       Jack Sawyer is back, only this time as an adult.  At the peak of his career in law enforcement, he decides to take an early retirement and moves to the Wisconsin Town of French Landing where he had solved a previous case.  However, Jack will find no rest in this 
picturesque town because a child killer, called the Fisherman is terrorizing the town.  Jack must reawaken his memories of the Territories in order to stop this killer and he soon learns that there is even more at stake than he originally thought.

       The opening of this book was fantastic, in my opinion. You’re floating above the town, observing things as they happen.  When Jack comes back, he has forgotten everything about the Territories, chalking to up to "Seabrook Island stuff."  But when the Fisherman sends a child's shoe with the foot still attached, Jack begins to remember, with the help of an old friend, Speedy Parker.  Once again, King and Straub deliver a great array of characters.  A blind disc jockey with his many personalities who becomes Jacks good friend, a group of bikers who desperately want to see justice done, a weasel of a news reporter, and of course the Fisherman, who is 
truly terrifying.

     There are also several other elements that tie into the Dark Tower Series again, different ones than in The Talisman.  Overall, I really loved this novel.  I made the mistake of reading this one before The Talisman, and there were several references to that in this novel, so definitely read the previous first.  Once again, I loved this book, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Think you might want to give this book a try?  Read other reviews or order from Amazon!   Black House

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