Saturday, January 22, 2011


I came across this post in my Google Reader, and so many of my fellow bloggers are participating that I thought that I would too!

Bloggiesta is hosted by Maw Books Blog and its basically a blog-a-thon to use your time to revamp your blog, change some things up, catch up on all those reviews you're behind on.  Or whatever else!  Click that link to read more and sign up to participate!

So far, here is the list I have so far on things to work on from now until Sunday:

  • I might play around with some cosmetic changes.  I'm so picky when it comes to certain things, so if I get everything else done, this will be a little something extra.
  • With the semester already underway, its going to be harder for me to read as fast as I want to.  So, that being said, I don't want to only post weekly meme's and reviews here and there.  So, one of my tasks the next few days will be to review some books that I read last semester, or some that I remember very well so that my reviews aren't so far between.
  • I also want to create some other scheduled posts so that some of the meme's aren't so rushed.
  • I really want to learn how to use Google Forms!
  • Organize my Google Reader is another thing that I need to do this weekend.  I need to really become more familiar with it so that I can be a more active commenter and reader.
  • I really need to organize my books, but we'll see if that happens or not!
  • I've been meaning to write a review policy.
  • I want to create some sort of separator graphic for posts like IMM and OMW for easier reading
  • Copyrighting and backing up is something that I've thought about doing.
So those are just some of the things that I want to work on, I'm sure I'll be adding more.  Good luck to all my other blogger friends who are participating, I hope you get everything accomplished that you hope to!

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Anonymous said...

Nice list. Good luck and most importantly have fun. Happy bloggiesta

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