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On My Wishlist (1)

I came across a weekly meme from Book Chic City and really liked the idea of it, so here goes my first post!  You can participate it this by clicking the link and checking it out for yourself!

I came across these first two when I was shopping at Books-a-Million today, and I really liked the sound of both of them.  Plus, I love historical fiction.

Title:  The Countess: A Novel
Author:  Rebecca Johns
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Page Count: 304 Pages
book cover of The Countess: A Novel by Rebecca JohnsSummary: (From  Was the “Blood Countess” history’s first and perhaps worst female serial killer? Or did her accusers create a violent fiction in order to remove this beautiful, intelligent, ambitious foe from the male-dominated world of Hungarian politics? 
     In 1611, Countess Erzsébet Báthory, a powerful Hungarian noblewoman, stood helpless as masons walled her inside her castle tower, dooming her to spend her final years in solitary confinement. Her crime—the gruesome murders of dozens of female servants, mostly young girls tortured to death for displeasing their ruthless mistress. Her opponents painted her as a bloodthirsty škrata—a witch—a portrayal that would expand to grotesque proportions through the centuries.   
     In this riveting dramatization of Erzsébet Báthory’s life, the countess tells her story in her own words, writing to her only son—a final reckoning from his mother in an attempt to reveal the truth behind her downfall. Countess Báthory describes her upbringing in one of the most powerful noble houses in Hungary, recounting in loving detail her devotion to her parents and siblings as well as the heartbreak of losing her father at a young age. She soon discovers the price of being a woman in sixteenth-century Hungary as her mother arranges her marriage to Ferenc Nádasdy, a union made with the cold calculation of a financial transaction. Young Erzsébet knows she has no choice but to accept this marriage even as she laments its loveless nature and ultimately turns to the illicit affections of another man.

Title:  The Virgin Widow
Author:  Anne O'Brian
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Page Count:  416 pages

book cover of The Virgin Widow by Anne O'Brien
Summary:  (From  Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, grows up during the War of the Roses, a time when kings and queens are made and destroyed in an on-going battle for the ultimate prize: the throne of England. As a child Anne falls in love with the ambitious, proud Richard of Gloucester, third son of the House of York. But when her father is branded a traitor, her family must flee to exile in France. As Anne matures into a beautiful, poised woman, skillfully navigating the treacherous royal court of Margaret of Anjou, she secretly longs for Richard, who has become a great man under his brother's rule. But as their families scheme for power, Anne must protect her heart from betrayals on both sides-and from the man she has always loved, and cannot bring herself to trust.

I've read Philippa's Gregory The Other Boleyn Girl, and I loved it.  You might be seeing a trend with Tudor era historical fiction, and I do love that era.  I've been wanting to read this book for a long time now, but I'm just not willing to shell out the $12.99 to buy it on my Nook.
Title:  The Boleyn Inheritance
Author:  Philippa Gregory
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Page Count:  518 pages
Summary:  (From  Three Women Who Share One Fate: The Boleyn Inheritance 
     Anne of Cleves - She runs from her tiny country, her hateful mother, and her abusive brother to a throne whose last three occupants are dead. King Henry VIII, her new husband, instantly dislikes her. Without friends, family, or even an understanding of the language being spoken around her, she must literally save her neck in a court ruled by a deadly game of politics and the terror of an unpredictable and vengeful king. Her Boleyn Inheritance: accusations and false witnesses.
book cover of The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory
     Katherine Howard - She catches the king's eye within moments of arriving at court, setting in motion the dreadful machine of politics, intrigue, and treason that she does not understand. She only knows that she is beautiful, that men desire her, that she is young and in love -- but not with the diseased old man who made her queen, beds her night after night, and killed her cousin Anne. Her Boleyn Inheritance: the threat of the axe.
     Jane Rochford - She is the Boleyn girl whose testimony sent her husband and sister-in-law to their deaths. She is the trusted friend of two threatened queens, the perfectly loyal spy for her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, and a canny survivor in the murderous court of a most dangerous king. Throughout Europe, her name is a byword for malice, jealousy, and twisted lust. Her Boleyn Inheritance: a fortune and a title, in exchange for her soul.   
     The Boleyn Inheritance is a novel drawn tight as a lute string about a court ruled by the gallows and three women whose positions brought them wealth, admiration, and power as well as deceit, betrayal, and terror. Once again, Philippa Gregory has brought a vanished world to life -- the whisper of a silk skirt on a stone stair, the yellow glow of candlelight illuminating a hastily written note, the murmurs of the crowd gathering on Tower Green below the newly built scaffold. In The Boleyn Inheritance Gregory is at her intelligent and page-turning best.

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Book Chick City said...

Although I don't read a lot of romance, I do love reading historical romance. All these look really good - I have The Virgin Widow on my shelf but haven't read it yet. Great picks!

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