Monday, January 10, 2011

REVIEW: It by Stephen King

Title:  It
Author:  Stephen King
Date Published:  Originally published in 1986
Genre:  Horror, Adult Fiction
Page Count:  1,104 pages
Challenges:  Forgotten Treasures Challenge,  Stephen King Challenge

     Everyone I know that had read this novel has given it rave reviews and I had high expectations for it.  I wasn't really disappointed.
     The story centers around a group of seven friends in Derry, Maine who call themselves to "Losers Club."  During the summer that they all become friends, children start disappearing.  Something is preying on the children on Derry, and the Losers Club is determined to defeat it.  The understood leader of the group, Bill, has a personal vendetta against It.  Bill's younger brother Georgie was among the children who had been killed.
     The seven friends travel deep inside the Derry sewer system to confront it.  They do, they leave It hurt, and slinking back to the depths to have a long sleep.  And its then they make a pact that when it comes back, so will they, to defeat the monster that preys on children's worst fears.
     Fast forward years later, and the seven friends are called back to Derry to fight the monster one more time and save the children of Derry.

     As I said, some people rave that this is one of King's best.  Though I did really like it, it was not my favorite.  My favorite part of the book was definitely the characters.  Sometimes when it comes to characters, King develops some, but not all of the main characters, but because these characters crossed from adolescents to adulthood through the novel, you really got a sense of who the adolescents were going to become in the latter part.  He also gave Derry a personality, a dark one and you can really see why It has chosen Derry as a hunting ground.
     I will say that the ending was the most disappointing part.  It was also somewhat confusing, because it kept switching from them as adolescents, to them as adults so you really had to look at the headings to see which place you were in.  The final battle was over the top.  It almost felt like he was just so ready to just be done with the book he rushed through it.
     However, despite that, it was still a good read and I did enjoy it very much.  While in my opinion it is not his best work, it is definitely a must read for any King fan.

     Overall, a must read.  I would given this novel a 4 out of 5.

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Nathalie said...

I concur with your opinion of the ending. King seems to have trouble with endings. He can knit a story so well together but when it comes to give it an ending, he seems stumbling in the dark.

A good novelist, don't get me wrong, but no one's perfect. :)

wuestenrot said...

I'm definitely in the "Like King's stories, hate his endings"-department. Apart from the Dark Tower he really doesn't manage them too well.

taylorthenotaboy said...

This is the first Stephen King book I ever read. From the sheer size of it that probably wasn't the best idea for a first... Never mind, I really enjoyed it. I'd watched the mini series first, so that sort of helped with trying to understand it. I agree that it's not my favourite one though.

wuestenrot said...

I'm definitely in the "Like King's stories, hate his endings"-department. Apart from the Dark Tower he really doesn't manage them too well.

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