Sunday, March 13, 2011

REVIEW: The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

book cover of The Colorado Kid by Stephen King
Title:  The Colorado Kid
Author:  Stephen King
Date Published:  2005
Genre: Mystery
Page Count:  184 pages
Challenge:  Stephen King Challenge, E-Book Challenge

     This was a quick read and it was kind of a departure from traditional Stephen King, which I found pretty interesting.
     A man is killed on a island off the coast of Maine.  No one is ever arrested for the crime and no one can figure out what happened to him.  A local newspaper and an officer on the case are the only two that turn anything up, and its not until years later.  The story is recounted by the two men that own the local newspaper to an intern.

     This book is all about the allure and darkness of mystery which was one of the reasons that it appealed to me.  It was also nice that I could read it in one day!  I also liked the characters that King put in, I felt that they added a little bit to the story.  Overall, I liked this story.  I would give it a 3.5 our of 5.

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