Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie posterTitle:  Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides
Release Date:  May 20, 2011
Run Time: 2 hours and 17 minutes
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: B+

So I rarely go see movies in theatres.  The last one that I think I saw was Jackass 3D, which was back in March I believe.  Anyway, when I saw that this was coming out, I was pretty excited about it..

I was a little apprehensive to see it, because I LOVED the first one, the second one was pretty weak and the third one was just okay.  But I still wanted to see it because there wasn't going to be the ultimate sissy boy that is Orlando Bloom and the whiner that is Kira Knightly.  And overall, I was not disappointed by this movie!

I think one of the reasons that everyone loves these movies so much is because of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack.  I think he'll forever be known for that characters and I think he's okay with that.  Anyway, I love him, I think his character is fabulous.  I'm also not a fan of Penelope Cruz, but I thought that he role in this fit her very well.
Of course I love Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa.  He's one of my favorites from the series.  But, the cast member I was most excited for was Ian McShane as Blackbeard.  I LOVELOVELOVE Ian McShane and I thought he was wonderful as Blackbeard.

So in terms of the actual storyline, I liked it.  If you know anything about it, they're all on a mission to find the fountain of youth.  It's Barbossa, who is mysteriously working for the English, Captain Jack of course, and Blackbeard.  And of course madness ensues and there are funny moments and overall it was just a good movie.  One of my favorite scenes was the mermaid scene, I thought it was wonderfully done.  And there were several minor characters that I really liked through the course of the movie.

Honestly overall, I didn't have many complaints.  My biggest complaint is that it was really long and there were probably parts that could have done without, but I have a short attention span with movies anyway.  I don't regret paying the money to see it and I would probably watch the entire thing again.  I definitely recommend seeing it.  Oh, and its playing in 3D, but I saw the regular showing so I can't really say anything about that, but I definitely give this movie a B+. Go see it!

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