Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Sunday Salon (8)

Edition #8 of the Sunday Salon.  Remember that if you want to become a participant, log onto and join the group!

This Week...
This week has been a little bit different.  Honestly, I have gotten almost no reading done.  My aunt has been in town since Monday afternoon.  Despite not getting any reading done, its been wonderful.  She is one of the funniest people that I know, and I enjoy it so much when she gets to visit!  I get my workouts from how hard we laugh when she's here.  Another thing that I love about her is that she reads!  She reads more than my mom, and she reads a little bit of everything, so we've actually had some really good conversations about books this week. When she finished her book she brought, she started going through my collection and my mom's.  She actually found a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude, which she said was one of her all time favorite books.  So, its just one more thing that I added to my TBR pile.  Anyway, I take her to the airport tomorrow, so we're going to be sad to see her go, but its been amazing to have her here.

Challenging Myself
Anyone that reads knows of the Harry Potter series.  Well I'm a complete slackass and I haven't even finished the last two yet.  I also have only seen the first 4 movies.  Okay, okay, so I'm a little behind.  With the end of the movies series fast approaching, I want to challenge myself to read the entire book series before the last film comes out.  I probably won't see the last film in theaters, since I hardly ever go to the movies, but I'm also going to challenge myself to watch ALL of the movies, and just wait until the last one comes out on OnDemand.  Unfinished Person's blog actually gave me the idea to watch the movies consecutively, as well as some encouragement on twitter. :] 
However, as fast as I want to get all of these books finished, and the movies watched, I definitely want to finish Pride And Prejudice, The Dream Crystal (The Dream War Series), and Cat's Cradle: A Novel so that I don't have so much on my currently reading list.

I think that's all I have for the salon this week.  I hope those of you that are going to BEA have a blast, and the rest of you, happy reading!  

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