Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Review: Black Death

Black Death movie poster
Title:  Black Death
Release Date:  June 11, 2010 (UK)
Run Time:  1 hour and 37 minutes
Genre:  Horror, Mystery
Rating: B

I'm a huge fan of historical fiction in books, and I also love movies that are based in different time periods.  That was the reason that I was drawn to this movie.  I'm also a pretty big fan of the actor Sean Bean, and he's one of the leading men in this movie.
To summarize the movie, it takes place in England during the first outbreak of the Bubonic Plague.  A young monk, Osmund has volunteered to lead a group of the bishop's men to a remote village that has yet to be ravaged by the plague.  They're task is to bring back a necromancer who is said to be raising the dead.

While that might interest you, like it did me, this is a very dark movie.  When I say dark, I mean in every sense of the word.  The lighting throughout the movie was very dark, and the themes that run through the movie are very dark as well.  In the very beginning scenes there are images of bodies just piled up all over the village where the monastery is.  There are also many more violent and pretty gross images that are littered throughout the movie.
However, as gross as this movie was, I really liked it.  Because of the time period, it focuses a lot on religion and I have read reviews where people feel like its giving the message "you better be a Christian," but I didn't get that vibe from it.  One of the reasons I liked it as much as I did was because even though its not based off of a true story, based off of the time period, it wouldn't surprise me if something similar actually happened and it just was never documented.

Anyway, I liked this movie, if you can stand horribly dark movies, I suggest watching it.  The story was good, the acting was solid, but it is somewhat slow in parts, so I give this movie a B!

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