Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week's Reads (6)

Look, I'm reading something different this week!  I know, I'm as shocked as all of you are.  I managed to read a finish quite a bit this week.  But, I'm going to be mixing this post up a bit to include, what I'm reading, what kind of posts you can expect from me this week, what I'll be reading next, and any reviews that were posted last week.  Onward!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling
Finally, here we are into something that I haven't read yet.  In the last book, Harry was annoying and angsty, and he just got on my nerves.  Things are different here, because things are getting serious.  People's lives are at stake, he's getting further into his studies, and he's really had to grow up and deal with things.  I love the relationship between Dumbledore and Harry, that's one of the most striking things about this book.  Also, the growing relationship between Ron and Hermione, and well as Harry and Ginny.  I'm really liking this book, but I'm going to be sad when I get the end of the series :[

**Edit** I scheduled this post Sunday night and actually finished book 6 and started book 7 last night.  The ending was phenomenal.  Will post a review later this week!

What will I be reading next?
--  I hope to finish the above soon, and move on to the 7th and final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I'll be sad to finish it, but it was an awesome ride.
--  I may pick up Agatha Christie's Murder In Three Acts.  It looks like a quick read that I can be finished with.
--  The next series I plan on getting into I think may be the either the Dark Tower series or the Outlander series.  I haven't made up my mind which I want to read.

Reviews from last week:
The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto
The Dream Crystal by Mark O'Bannon
Movie Review:  Black Death (2010)

This week you can expect:
--  My usual New Release Tuesday post.  Check this out for the newest book and album releases that I'm excited about.
--  I imagine that I'll have Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince reviewed this week, as well as anything else that I get read
--  And of course, my Sunday meme's, The Sunday Salon and In My Mailbox!

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