Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sunday Salon (16)

Edition #16 of the Sunday Salon.  Remember that if you want to become a participant, log onto and join the group!

This week was a very slow week for me in terms of reading.  I only got one book finished!  But the book that I finished was actually a good book.  It was a science fiction book called Synarchy: Book 1: The Awakening.  It was a review request by the author.  It was pretty interesting, because the subject matter was something that I had never heard of before.  You can read my review here.  Later that night, I was in my living room, flipping through the channels, and an episode of Ancient Aliens was on, and imagine that, some of the same things that the book dealt with were in that episode.  I thought it was pretty interesting and funny that I happened to find that the day that I finished the book.

Anyway, I hope to get more reading done this week, but I have no idea.  This is going to be a crazy week as far as work goes.  Plus, my godson is going to be born tomorrow!  She goes in for her c-section at 7 in the morning, so I'll be there with her sister and mother waiting.  She is SO ready to not be pregnant anymore, but she carried to term and we all thought (including her doctor) that she was going to deliver 6 to 8 weeks early and have lots of complications.  So thank God for miracles :]  From the time she gets out of the surgery, it will be 2 hours for her in recovery, so I'll really have plenty of time to read while we're waiting.

Other good news of the week, I got my keys to the store, FINALLY.  I've also been going through a lot of training and yesterday was my 3 year anniversary at the store, so that was exciting.   

So, what have you been reading this week?  Anything exciting going on in your lives right now? :]

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Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I did not have a stellar reading week, either, but I thoroughly enjoyed the books.

I had some other fun, though...check here for MY SUNDAY SALON POST

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