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The Great Gone With the Wind Readalong - Part 2

It's been 2 weeks already and its time to talk about Part 2 of Gone With the Wind.


For this post, I'm just going to follow the discussion prompts that were posted here.  So, let's get started!

Well...How are you liking part 2?
I love this book.  As I've said a million times, I'm kicking myself for waiting this long to read it.  I think one of the reasons that I love it so much is just the familiarity of it.  I was born and raised even further south than Atlanta and there still is a certain type of etiquette that southern women follow for the most part.  As part 2 has focused more on that aspect of things, its been interesting to see how things have changed and it some ways how they haven't.

I wasn't sure how I felt about her at first.  However, the more I've read about her, the more that I've grown to like her.  Some people would say that she's a goody two shoes, but I don't see her as such.  If she were that, she would refuse to allow Rhett into the home that they live in, but she continues to allow him in.  I like the fact that she chooses to see the good in people, even if there is very little.  And though everyone makes her out to be so fragile and unable to handle things, she loves her husband fiercely and she cares about the cause and nursing.  And she loves Scarlett dearly, which is so ironic because Scarlett wants to snatch the husband that is so dear to her out from under her nose.  So, I see her as more of a woman of strong moral values and just an overall good woman that I think is hard to find during that time.

Oh, Atlanta.  Personally, I hate the city of Atlanta.  Well, I hate driving there.  But this is such an important backdrop for this book.  If it weren't for the civil war, who knows if Atlanta would be the booming American city that it is today.  Through the chapters and as time passes we watch as the city comes alive and doubles in size and it plays to a lot of the action that happens in part 2.  There's so many people and everyone is so high strung.  The craziness of the city allows Scarlett to basically let her do almost as she pleases.  Especially when it comes to seeing men.

This is something that bugged me.  I can see why prostitutes are looked down upon.  They still are today.  But  I can't believe that the women who end up pregnant after their husbands come home on leave have to hide their condition.  I mean if there were women running around not married pregnant, it would be one thing.  But there is one young girl who ends up married and pregnant and her mother continually tries to hide it.  It just strikes me as funny, because I thought at that time the point of a woman's life was the get married and have children.  So if they all know where babies come from, why do these married women have to hide it.  It just seems silly to me.  I guess they just want people to think that its immaculate conception.  Or something along those lines.

The Little Details
Some little details that caught me were definitely the food (waffles) but also the dress.  The description of the mourning dresses and the way that Rhett dresses and everything else it just fascinating to me and adds to the book even more in my opinion.

Minor Characters
One of my favorite minor characters is Uncle Peter.  I find it funny that he's a black slave, but he treats Miss Pittypat like she's his charge.  I just love that he's domineering, and it shows that he genuinely cares about the family.  It reminds me of mammy back at Tara.
And then of course, a lot of the citizens of Atlanta I don't really care for.  Dr. Meade is a jerk.  And his wife is no better.  Most of the older women that work in the hospitals are also big jerks.  Naturally, I'm not a fan.

So those are my thoughts for Part 2!  What are yours?

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