Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Release Tuesday (15)

Here's a weekly feature where I share what I'm excited about for the upcoming week in both books and music.  I only feature one or two for each category, but there a LOADS of new releases every Tuesday and you can find them by visiting B&N.com or FYE.com!
Title:  Mile 81
Author:  Stephen King
Release Date:  September 2011
Summary:  Mile 81 is a boarded up rest stop on a highway in Maine. It's a place where high school kids drink and get into the kind of trouble high school kids have always gotten into. It's the place where Pete Simmons goes when his older brother, who's supposed to be looking out for him, heads off to the gravel pit to play "paratroopers over the side." Pete, armed only with the magnifying glass he got for his tenth birthday, finds a discarded bottle of vodka in the boarded up burger shack and drinks enough to pass out.
book cover of Mile 81 by Stephen KingNot much later, a mud-covered station wagon (which is strange because there hadn't been any rain in New England for over a week) veers into the Mile 81 rest area, ignoring the sign that says "closed, no services." The driver's door opens but nobody gets out.
Doug Clayton, an insurance man from Bangor, is driving his Prius to a conference in Portland. On the backseat are his briefcase and suitcase and in the passenger bucket is a King James Bible, what Doug calls "the ultimate insurance manual," but it isn't going to save Doug when he decides to be the Good Samaritan and help the guy in the broken down wagon. He pulls up behind it, puts on his four-ways, and then notices that the wagon has no plates.
Ten minutes later, Julianne Vernon, pulling a horse trailer, spots the Prius and the wagon, and pulls over. Julianne finds Doug Clayton's cracked cell phone near the wagon door - and gets too close herself. By the time Pete Simmons wakes up from his vodka nap, there are a half a dozen cars at the Mile 81 rest stop. Two kids - Rachel and Blake Lussier - and one horse named Deedee are the only living left. Unless you maybe count the wagon.
With the heart of Stand By Me and the genius horror of ChristineMile 81 is Stephen King unleashing his imagination as he drives past one of those road signs...
Why I'm Excited:  This is another one of those small short stories that King sometimes releases, like The Colorado Kid.  It looks like this one is being released exclusively in E-book format, or it just hasn't been updated yet.  Either way, the summary sounds pretty interesting to me.  Plus, you can pre-order it on the Nook for only $2.99!  That's a pretty big steal, so I've already pre-order it and you should too!
Album Title:  Bad Habits
Artist:  Every Avenue
Release Date:  August 2, 2011
Every Avenue Bad Habits album coverWhy I'm Excited:  I actually just started listening to this band.  I go to Warped Tour every year and this is the first year in seven years I didn't get to go.  Of course I was upset, but my godson was being born, so I couldn't be THAT upset.  So, since I didn't get to go, I picked up the Warped sampler, which I normally don't.  This band was on there and I feel in love with the song.  So, while looking for something to put here, I saw this and got excited.  I'll definitely be sampling it on YouTube and Amazon before I buy it, but if it's like the song I have, I know I'll love it!


bookaliciouspam said...

Both of those look great!

Willa Wreader said...

Now I feel like reading some Stephen King :-) Great idea for a feature!

Kelly @ The Bookscape Report said...

I am so excited for Mile 81! Stephen King is one of my favorites. And you're right, it's exclusively an eBook. I'm thinking I might have to pre-order it!

sleighanne said...

Pre-Order it! It's only $2.99 :] No reason no to!

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