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REVIEW: Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure by Ciye Cho

book cover of Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure by Ciye Cho
Title: Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure
Author: Ciye Cho
Date Published: June 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Page Count: E-Book
Challenge: E-Book Challenge

**I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I have to start out by saying that this is quite a fantasy adventure.  Usually when I read any recent fantasy, there are the usual characters which can include fairies, elves, goblins and what have you, but this is unlike anything else I have ever read and for that, I take my hat off to Cho.
The book begins in the universe of Oberana and we join Captain Shiewo Morose and her other companions on a quest to find the wishing fish that created their entire universe.  On a giant vessel that is powered by music, the captain and crew explore the universe on their search and find many interesting things along the way.

I was a little unsure about how I felt about Shiewo at first.  She seemed a little standoffish and a little rude at times.  However, as the story went on and more was revealed about her and why she was making her quest, I started to warm up to her.
I loved her companions.  Felix the painter was a clever youth who joins the voyage on accident.  And though he messes things up, he is still likable.  I absolutely loved Theo.  Theo is a cloud, which kind of blew my mind a little bit.  He had a sweet innocence to him that I loved.  Erduu is probably the strangest creature I've ever heard of and I have no idea how Cho managed to think of him or several of the other characters.

I know this this is the first book in the series but my biggest complaint is that there is so little background on all of the characters.  You gradually come to find things out about Theo and Erduu but the Captain Morose is very mysterious and I hated not knowing her situation or how she came to be there.

Overall, I liked this book.  I recommend it for older children though because some of the adventures are pretty intense.  But I liked it and I give it a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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