Friday, October 14, 2011

Anna Karenina Read-a-long Week 1

**Just a suggestion, if you've never read this, you may want to skip future posts that I make.  This particular post contains no plot spoilers, but future ones might.**

I decided to vlog this week's reaction to the first part.  The vlog is just me discussing the major players that we have met so far.  And like and idiot, I mentioned Anna Karenina, but I didn't really discuss her or my first impression at all.  So, watch the vlog, then you can read below it how I felt about her and some other points that interested me throughout this first part.

Anna Karenina
She was introduced in the last few chapters of this part so I haven't really gotten a chance to know her yet.  I know that she is visiting on behalf of her brother to see if she can help them reconcile, which is admirable.  She's also terrified about leaving her son for the first time, which is sweet.  She seems to be close to her brother and gets along very well with Dolly and she knows how to talk to people.  I think I'm definitely going to like her.

Kitty and Levin
I already know how this goes down, because the bookmark I printed gave it away, but I don't think its an essential plot point.  I like Kitty and I feel bad that she's torn between these two men, but I can already tell that her father is right in his assumptions about Vronsky.  Kitty is going to get her heart broken, like Levin got his broken.  But she's young.  Only 18.

The discussion of marriage was an interesting one to me.  We have Kitty's mother who is so fearful of who her daughter is going to marry and wants to be able to plan it out for her, like her parents did.  She even had a hand in planning her other 2 daughter's marriages (and we see how Dolly's turned out).  Anyway, its a huge point between The Princess and her husband.  And she continually wants to ask her women about it, but no one seems to want to discuss it with her.  Anyway, I just think its funny how marriage is portrayed here.

So that's about all I have this week.  How do you feel about the vlogging?  Should I continue to do so throughout the read-a-long or should I stick with text only?  

And, if you're interested in joining in, visit Unputdownables for this week's discussion post!

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