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The Great Gone With the Wind Readalong - Part 4

Once again, I'm a little late on discussion, but I can say that I actually finished the book!  I'll still be participating the the discussion at the last part and I won't post my thoughts overall until after the last discussion post.

So, let's get on with it :]

Thoughts on Part 4
I started out a little bit behind, because I was trying to read so many other things at once.  But I stopped and read this section in 2 days.  THAT's how much it grabbed me.  And it grabbed me so much that I couldn't make myself put it down the next day and I finished it.  But, this is only part 4.  Things just kept happening, one thing after another, it was really hard to put down.  I thought I was never going to get to sleep one night, until I hit part 5!  There's just so much packed into this section that it blows your mind.  But, I love it.

Discussion Prompts
My heart broke for Scarlett when her father died.  But its so funny to me that she is so connected with Tara, but as she herself pointed out, by marrying Frank, she all but exiled herself from the place.  Granted, everything that she did was to ensure that it stayed in the family, but when Will marries Suellen, it takes Tara even further away from her.

The trauma in this section.  Oh gosh.  With reconstruction going on, Scarlett isn't much different from the person that she was during the war.  She still lives with such fear of the Yankees and what they might take from her that she takes to hiding money all over the house to ensure that she doesn't lose it.  She also starts drinking more to help her deal with the trauma, which just has bad things written all over it, especially when she begins drinking during her pregnancy.  Of course, the trauma of knowing that you inadvertently sent your husband to his death changes a woman, too.

Oh my.
One of the things that stood out for me in this section was the parts about Scarlett's pregnancy.  It is so crazy to me that women had to hide that they were pregnant, and it was disgraceful for women to show themselves in public during this time.  And its such a change from the way that things are now, women glow when they're pregnant and want to show off their bellies any way they can.
Belle Watling is an interesting creature.  Of course it is she that saves all of the men's lives and simultaneously creates scandal in the town.  For prostitution being so horrible, its funny that in that time, houses like that were perfectly legal, but they aren't today.
And Rhett.  Oh.  When he asks Scarlett to marry him, I was all but beside myself.  Of course, because he's 'not a marrying man.'  That scene of passion that is between them was so racy for this book that it was kind of shocking to me, but I still loved it.  And I can't believe that Scarlett would rather love Ashley than Rhett.  Sure, Rhett has questionable character about some things, but he's about the most honest and insightful person that is in this book, and there's something to be said about that.

The Little Details
One of the things that is interesting me the most, was that Rhett mentioned that he spent a lot of time in New Orleans with a boy.  He claims that he is only a benefactor, but I'm willing to bet that it is more than that.  Then when Belle meets Melanie and mentions that she has a boy in New Orleans, you have to assume these children are one in the same.  I'm betting that Rhett is either the father, or he's just incredibly nice to Belle.  Either way, Rhett and Scarlett is honeymooning in New Orleans, so I expect that we will see exactly what's going on with that situation.

Minor Characters
There were several in this section that stood out to me.
Johnnie, the boy who she gets to run her mill.  I think that he is such a horrible person, and I can't believe that Scarlett would continue to let him run the mill after finding out that he is cheating her and starving the men that work for her.  They may be convicts, but they are people.
Grandma Fontaine.  We've seen her words of wisdom throughout the book at different points.  She is a very wise old woman, and I think that she knows what Scarlett is going through better than Scarlett knows.  Either way, I think she's a fine old woman.
Will.  I have to love Will.  People put up a fuss, because he's not of the same class, but I think that he is one of the most worthy people in the book.  He's honest and he's insightful and he really is a nice guy.  The fact that he's willing to marry Suellen and protect her from Scarlett's wrath speaks volumes as well.  He has continually impressed me throughout this book
Belle Watling.  She's a minor character, but she really saves everyone's lives.  I think everyone makes her out to be a horrible person, but she's just doing what she has to do, the only thing she knows how to do.  I think Melanie is a great woman for being so kind to her, especially after what she did for Ashley and I think that Belle is a good person for not wanting to be seen with Melanie so that her reputation may not be harmed.
Archie.  He's quite an interesting character.  I was a little scared by the way that he talked about how he hated women, but after what his wife did to him, I can almost justify it.  He's scary, but he's devoted to Melanie, and I think Melanie made a good choice in trusting him.

So, those are my thoughts on part 4!  Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say about part 5!

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