Saturday, October 8, 2011

Introducing the Anna Karenina Read-a-Long at Unputdownables!

Alright, I have been told by so many different people about how Anna Karenina is such a fantastic book, and it is a classic and everyone and their uncle needs to have read this book.  So, sometimes during the summer, I set out to read this daunting tome.
I failed.  Miserably.  The names were all so crazy, the plot at the beginning was so slow and I was so incredibly confused that I just had to set it aside.  I didn't want to, because it was on my goal list this year, but I did it anyway.

So, when I saw that  Unputdownables was hosting a readalong for Anna Karenina, I said SIGN ME UP!  I really want to get this read, and I think that reading it as a read-a-long will really help me to get through it.  I recently read Gone With the Wind as a read-a-long and ended up LOVING it, and quite honestly, I probably would never have read it otherwise.  So, this is the opening post.
I'll be reading about 60 some odd pages a week, so every Friday, expect to see a post about the section that I have read that week.  This will last all the way until December, as this is a really long book!
I'm excited to get started on it!

If you're interested in participating, there's still time to get your copy and sign up!  Just visit the Starting Post page on Unputdownables to see the schedule and sign up!


Week One/ Oct.7-13 :: Part 1 Chapter XX
Week Two/ Oct. 14-20 :: Part 2 Chapter VIII
Week Three/ Oct. 21-27 :: Part 2 Chapter XXIX
Week Four/ Oct. 28-Nov. 3 :: Part 3 Chapter XII
Week Five/Nov. 4-10 :: Part 3 Chapter XXXI
Week Six/ Nov. 11-17 :: Part 4 ch XVIII
Week Seven/ Nov. 18-24 :: Part 5 Chapter XV
Week Eight/ Nov. 25- Dec. 1 :: Part 6 Chapter I
Week Nine/ Dec.2-8 :: Part 6 Chapter XX
Week Ten/Dec.9-15 :: Part 7 Chapter VII
Week Eleven/Dec.16-22 :: Part 7 Chapter XXIX
Week Twelve/ Dec.23-30 :: Finish book! You made it!!  


Jillian said...

I hope this ends up being a good book! I like it better than War and Peace so far. :-)

LeighannesLit said...

People say its fantastic, so I'm hoping so, too!

Beltwayliterature said...

I'm looking forward to reading it and discussing it! I read it several years ago, but didn't think I gave it it's due, and had a hard time keeping up with it. I can't even remember for sure if I finished!

I'm hoping now, with several other classics under my belt, that it will be more enjoyable.

And no offense to Jillian, I'm not sure if it will be better than War and Peace, as that is one of my all-time favorite books!

LeighannesLit said...

I've never read War and Peace. And honestly, I haven't heard a lot about it either. I guess I need to add that one to my list as well!

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