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REVIEW: The Siege of Trencher's Farm (Straw Dogs) by Gordon Williams

book cover of The Siege of Trencher's Farm by Gordon Williams
Title: The Siege of Trencher's Farm (Straw Dogs)
Author: Gordon Williams
Date Published: First published in 1969
Genre: Thriller, Suspense
Page Count: 192 pages
Challenge: Frightful Fall Reviewer's Challenge, E-Book Challenge
Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

American professor George Macgruder has traveled to England with his British wife and daughter in hopes of finding a quiet place to finish his book.  They rent an old house known as Trencher's Farm in a small village.  It's the holiday season and in the middle of a snow storm on their way home, they accidentally hit a child killer who's escaped from a mental institution.  Being the nice people that they are, they bring the man home and await the arrival of the police and a doctor.  But a group of locals learns that they're holding the killer and a chain of events begins to unfold that will leave George fighting for his life as well as that of his family.

This chronicles a man who is in the fight of his life, for both his own life and his wife and daughters.  And it was just...okay.  It was fantastic and it wasn't horrible either.  You spend the first half of the book leading up to the accident, then everything after that goes downhill.
Louise, George's wife, is pretty much a giant bitch.  This book is as much about their relationship as it is about these crazy things that are happening.  Louise feels like she's been taking care of George for years and now she has all sorts of resentment towards him and even their daughter.
There were some transitions in this that I really hated.  One minute you're in the Macgruder home and you're with Lousie and Karen, and the next paragraph you're in the local pub.  Normally, there will be an elongated space or a little marker, showing a change is perspective and there wasn't anything like that, so there were moments of super confusion.

But, it was pretty suspenseful.  There were moments where you really wondered if George would do anything to defend his family or if he would let them all get killed.  Then you are wondering what the hell the crazy people are going to do next, so that made the suspense worth it.

Like I said, this book was okay.  If you like suspense, then you should give this book a shot.  I can't compare it  to the book, so if that's what you were hoping for, sorry. 2.75 out of 5 stars.  If I had a hard copy of this book, I'd swap it, or sell it to a used bookstore.

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