Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Sunday Salon (22)

Oh my, what a week it has been.
Actually, nothing too terribly interesting has happened.  I've had a pretty boring weekend actually, consisting of blogging and reading, since the love of my life is MIA.
However, as hard as I might try, things may take a downturn in October, because for whatever reason, I have a lot of things due this month for school.
October!  I can't believe its here already.  A little over 2 months until I graduate, then I'll be looking for my first big girl job.  Its a scary thing.  Sorry, my mind is all over the place this morning!

For reading, I finished I think 3 books this week.  I finished A Spy at Home by Joseph Rinaldo, I finished Devil in the White City by Erik Larson and I finished Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  I really had no intention of finishing Gone With the Wind, since I'm reading it as a readalong, but I could not make myself put it down!  I loved it.  Could possibly be my favorite book of the year (so far!)

On blogging, I think that I've finally found balance between my blog and other things in my life.  I really struggled through my spring semester with that balance and it shows through the lack of posts here.  But I think I've finally got it down, which is awesome, because this is something that I really love doing and I love that I can do it without stressing out.
On a side note, I participated in the #yalitchat this past week on twitter.  It was pretty fantastic.  I spent far longer than I should have on it, but it was great, I learned a lot of new things about authors and bloggers and met some pretty fantastic people on both sides!  I absolutely love the book blogging community, they are all so awesome!

Oh, and speaking of it being October:
Are you a book blogger?  Do you LOVE horror?  Then I want you to come do a guest post on my blog sometime this month about it!
Yes, I'm looking for other bloggers for guest posts on horror/mystery/suspense and such and why they love it, what thir favorites are and that sort of thing.  If you're interested, comment or shoot me an email!  Help me spread the word!  I'll be doing a post about it this week as well!

So, that's all I have for the Salon today!  I have some assignments to finish up that are due tomorrow, but I'll be making the rounds and commenting in just a bit! <3


Unfinished Person said...

Finding that balance between real life and the virtual life can be problematic at times. I know. I've been there and am there constantly. Yet I'm making some changes on the work and volunteering front, that I think will free up some time to do more blogging and also more visiting of others' blogs. So I'm with you in spirit, in other words.

Lisa said...

If you've found the balance between blogging and the rest of your life, you're a step ahead of me. Two and a half years into it and I still can't find the balance. I can't get to the point of consistent posting or even keeping up with posting my own features. And you've managed to do it while being a student!

LeighannesLit said...

I'm such a detail oriented person that it took me a while to get a pattern down, but I figured it out! I imagine that the balance I've found won't stay with me either. Probably only for the next few months. Then I'll be searching for a big girl job and looking at moving out!

LeighannesLit said...

Well, the balance is fleeting. I have routine right now. Come December, I'll be struggling with the balance again I'm sure, so I'm just enjoying this while it lasts!

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