Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sunday Salon (25)

Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Salon.  This week has been a pretty crazy one for me, in terms of a lot of things, but I'm just going to talk about reading and blogging today.

Reading, I finished 2 books this week and started another.  I read Mile 81 by Stephen King and that was hugely disappointing.  Uncle Stevie failed me in an effort to push something out before his newest release.  But, I can forgive him.  I also finished a review request that I had, and the review for that is going up on Wednesday I believe.
I started Frankenstein, and no, I have never read it before.  I never had to read it in high school and I didn't read Dracula until college.  I think it has something to do with where I live.  I'm only about 30% of the way through it, but I'm enjoying it so far.  And of course, I'm still reading Anna Karenina.  If you're participating in the readalong and missed my post, here it is.

So, as far as blogging, I have this horrible habit of waking up and checking my email from my phone.  I really need to stop this, because it totally interrupted my sleep today.  I had an email saying that I had a comment on one of my reviews on Amazon.  It actually wasn't a very nice comment.
It was on a review that I wrote back in August.  A series that I accepted for free, in exchange for a completely honest review.  In fact, it clearly states that on the review.  I happened to really like the book and the series.  It was a concept that I'd never heard of, and overall I really enjoyed it.  A user commented on the review of the first in the series and said, 
"I bought this book on the strength of reviews like this. It was a badly written book,annoying to read. You should stop writing reviews for friends. Does nothing for your credibility." 
Um, excuse me, sir?  Did I not clearly state that I received this book in exchange for an honest review?  What irritated me the most is that he's (or she, I don't really know which) insulting my credibility.  I have never once written a review just for the author's gratification, I don't believe in that, and I actually have written a whole long post about Honesty in Reviewing.  Plus, the fact of the matter is, people are allowed to have different opinions.  There have been plenty of books that I happened to like and other people didn't and vice versa.  Just because you didn't like a book in no way discredits me.  I made this response. 
"I'm sorry that you didn't like the book, but I actually have never had contact with the author other than the email that was written requesting me to review the book. I've never written a review for a friend and I have never written a review that wasn't honest. As I said, sorry that you didn't like it, but everyone has their own opinions, especially with books, and I happened to like this. To each their own."
What I really wanted to do was tell him what an asshole he was for insulting my credibility, but I decided to take the high road.  I also took a peek at his other reviews, and it seems they're one of those people that only reviews if they REALLY hate the book.  So, to this stupid Amazon reviewer, I say go eff yourself.  That's the beautiful thing about the world that we live in, you don't have to like what I like, and you shouldn't attack me for it.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, or have you had a similar experience?  I'd love for you to share in the comments!

That's all I have for today.  Making the rounds to everyone else's post after I finish this coffee.  Happy Sunday everyone!


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I still cringe whenever I think of the comments on some of my reviews on Amazon! Those negative comments don't happen that often (thankfully!), but they can pierce the soul when they do. I had one commenter saying the review seemed like a "book report" to him. I had written a brief synopsis and then described my thoughts. Just as I always do. Of course, I had to click over and see his reviews, and I was not impressed! But those comments still bite.

You're right to take the high road, though, or the whole thing could turn into cyber-conflict.


Jillian said...

Har - what a schmuck. I honestly wouldn't even think about the person's complaint, Leighanne. People see writing online and forget there's a person behind it. I can't imagine they'd have bothered you if they were sitting in a room with you and you said you liked the book. There is so much chaos online right now, about whether people should review books "professionally" online, or keep their mouths shut. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone who was ever questioned about their opinion stopped offering one? My feeling is that snooty reader guy should do a little more research before he reads a book, or else be open-minded enough to realize you might thrill at a piece of literature he finds appalling. It's called FREE-THINKING.

Speak your truth! People will certainly question it, but stand strong. :-)

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

A book report? That's so silly.
I left it where it was because there's no point in getting too upset about it. At the end of the day I liked the book, and that's what matters to me. I know I was honest about it, he was just a jerk.

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

You are so right about that! People get brave when they're behind a computer screen, but they won't be that brave in person. I didn't take the comment to heart, but it did irritate me, and I think it would irritate anyone.
I just tell myself he's probably some person who's super unhappy with their existence and can't think of anything better to do than to be rude to people over Amazon, LOL!

Jessica Allison said...

That is the worst kind of email first thing in the morning. Way to take the high least you can say what you think here! I think some people just enjoy being frustrating, kind of like you having your own opinion...I mean what's that about? How dare you write a positive review about something this person hated! :)

Lexus Luke said...

You did the right thing.

Too many people think that the only valid opinions are their own and everyone else is wrong. It's really a problem in our society.

Unfinished Person said...

So you feel strongly about this? ;)

I don't do many reviews any more...not for this reason previously, but now I'm thinking it's a good reason not to do reviews. :)

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

I like doing reviews, I just think I may not post them to Amazon unless an author specifically asks me to.
Some people just never have anything nice to say. I feel sorry for those people, really.

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

I could not agree with that more!

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

Some people just like making other people miserable. While he didn't make me miserable, he certainly irritated me. That's a sad way to live life though, going out of your way to be rude.

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