Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIF: Characters We Love to Hate

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This Friday's Question:
Love-Hate Relationship: Which characters from a book do you love to hate?

I had to think about this one for a good few minutes before I came up with a few, but here they are.

  • Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter Series.  Of course he's supposed to be that character that everyone is suppossed to hate, but I think a lot of readers secretly loved him.  I felt bad for him, but I still hated him.  It was really hard not to.
  • Pendleton from Dead of Winter.  I hated this man.  The more that we got into the story, the more and more I hated him and the more I wanted him to just go ahead and be slaughtered.  That probably sounds horrible, but if you read the book, you'll see why I hated him.
  • Waleran Bigod from Pillars of the Earth.  He was such a dirty old man.  And I don't mean dirty as in pervert, he was just an asshole who would stop at nothing to get his own way and further himself.  I hated him a lot, but he added a lot to the story.
  • William Hamleigh of Pillars of the Earth.  I hated Waleran, but I think I hated William more.  Waleran, I could understand his purpose, but William was just a spoiled brat that didn't care about anyone.  I don't think I would have hated him as much as I did, had a not watched the miniseries first.  He was a lot more despicable in the minseries.
  • Carlos Vicente Solitario from The Witch of Cologne.  Now he really was a nasty old man, who was all pissed off because he became infatuated with a Jew, so he felt like he needed to persecute her daughter.  He was an asshole extraordinaire as well.
Which characters do you just love to hate?

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