Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Challenges!

Alright, so last year the challenges that I set out to accomplish fell a little bit flat.  I only finished 2 out of the 4, but I did finish my overall goal for the year and I broke through my original goal several times.
So, these are the things that I'm challenging myself to for the upcoming year!

Overall Goals
I challenged myself to read 65 books this year and I finished the year with 68.  I think with having graduated I might have a little bit more time to read, so I'm challenging myself this year to read 70 books overall and I'm keeping track of this goal with the Goodreads widget!

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
S.Leighanne has read 0 books toward her goal of 70 books.

Book Challenges
I love doing these, even if I didn't finish all the challenges that I signed up for last year.  Some people don't like the pressure, but I just think its fun.

Outlander Reading Challenge hosted by The Lit Bitch
I loved the first in the series and challenged myself to read these last year and failed.  But I REALLY want to get to them, so I'm challenging myself again.

The Outlander Challenge 2012

Game of Thrones Challenge Hosted by The Lit Bitch
Always wanted to read this series, so again, this is the perfect excuse.

A Game of Thrones Challenge 2012

E-Book Challenge hosted by Workaday Reads
Participated in this one last year and blew it out of the water.  Once again just sticking with the 25 books level, since I'm participating in another challenge.

Workaday Reads E-Book Challenge 2012

The Dark Tower Reading Challenge hosted by Yours Truly :]
Love this series, can't wait to read it again!

Leighanne's Lit The Dark Tower Challenge 2012

And A Personal Challenge
I'm challenging myself TO READ MY OWN BOOKS in 2012!  I have stacks of books that I have had forever and I haven't gotten around to reading them and the collection grows all the time.  I love taking review requests, but I think i'm only going to accept them on a very limited basis for this year so that I can read some of these books that I've had forever.  My goal for the year is 70, and I would love it if half of those books were books that I already owned.  We'll see how that works out for me!

So these are the things that I'm going to be challenging myself to for the next year, along with all of the other personal goals that I have set in my life.  Here's to 2012, going to make this a great year!


Mary said...

Can I ask if you happened to have seen and Thriller/Horror Challenges? I was looking for one and can't seem to find any. That is my favorite Genre. Thanks for your help!


Alison said...

Good luck with all your challenges!

The Lit Bitch said...

So glad to have you be a part of both reading challenges this year :) I trust you had a good New Years :). Good luck with the challenges, cheers :)

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

Thank you! :]

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

I'm glad you're hosting them! Thank you! :]

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

The horror genre is by far my favorite as well! I searched on to see if they had anything listed, but there was nothing that I found :[ I'll keep my eyes open though!

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