Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: American Horror Story, Season 1

American Horror Story Season 1

So I have to say, I never really watch television.  I just never really get the opportunity to between all of the other things that I have to do.  Also, its hard for me to find a show that I like and actually want to keep up with.  However, I found one and I LOVED it.
American Horror Story.  For those of you that read my blog regularly, just the title sounds like it would be something that I liked, right?  I saw the ads before it began, said "Oh, that looks interesting, I think I want to watch that!" and then promptly forgot about it.  Then it was on one night, I watched the episode, got so interested that I Watched all the previous episodes on demand and was completely hooked.  I never missed an episode after that.  So let me tell you about this show and why its so amazing.
American Horror Story Tate Meet the Harmon family.  In a nutshell, Ben has had an affair after his wife suffers a miscarriage.  In an effort to save their marriage, Ben moves his wife and daughter, Vivian and Violet, all the way from Boston to LA into an old house to try and put their life back together.  However, as soon as they move, crazy things start happening and gradually the Harmon's start to learn about the past inhabitants and that once you live there, you don't get to leave.

I will warn you now that the rating on the show is TV-MA and it has that rating for a reason.  There's a good bit of sexuality, violence and a little bit of gore.  But if it didn't have all of those things, it wouldn't be as good as it is.
American Horror Story Jessica LangeI think the thing that makes the show what it is, is the casting.  The casting is simply phenomenal.  Everyone in the house or around the house is slightly crazy and the actors that they chose portrayed them perfectly.  Jessica Lange, who plays Constance, the Harmon's neighbor, was completely phenomenal.  And Evan Peters, Constance's son Tate, was another character that stole the show.  Picture the quintessential kid of the 90's, with the hair, the tortured soul and what not.   I just loved him, I don't think I would have liked the show as much if he hadn't been a part of it.
I was a little scared of the concept of the show, I thought it was going to be predictable, as most horror movies are, and there were a few points that things were predictable, but for the most part, it kept you on your toes.

I highly highly highly suggest finding this on ondemand and watching it!  There is a season 2 in the making, but from what I've read it going to be a whole new cast in a whole new house and I'm not sure how I feel about that so I may or may not be watching, but the first season was amazing.  If you love horror, please watch this!  If I were to give it a movie rating, definitely an A+!


Ankit Gindoria said...

Well thanks very much...i love horror movies so i might try Horror Tv series!!

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

You should! Its so fantastic!

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