Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead, Season 1

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Okay, I'm super late on this, I know that.  This was another one of those shows that I really wanted to watch, and I watched the first episode of, and then promptly forgot about it because of my lack of time to watch television.  But the first season recently became available on Netflix, and I had a few nights of insomnia so I started watching it.  The first season is only 6 episodes, but I watched them all in 2 nights.

Rick of The Walking Dead on AMC
Like a lot of other people, I like the whole zombie concept and it has inserted itself into pop culture today.  So this show, for those of you that live under a rock is about some sort of crazy disease that gets lose and kills you, then reanimates you.  It is passed through bites and scratches.  Our main character, Rick, was a police officer in a small Georgia town and was shot on the job.  He ends up in a coma, only to wake up to what feels like the end of the world.  With no knowledge of what has happened, it's a wonder that he even makes it out of the hospital.
He makes it to his house, realizes his family is gone and it found by another set of survivors, and they explain to him exactly what has happened to the world.  SO, Rick sets out on a quest to find his family, knowing somehow that they're still alive.

This series is about zombies but its also about people, its about the dynamic between the strangers that have to come together to keep themselves from being eaten.  Of course, there's the love triangle that is forming, which I almost could have done without, but I won't say who it is between, so I don't spoil anything n case some of you haven't seen this yet.
zombie on The Walking Dead
One of the best things about the series I think is the casting, like with American Horror Story.  There are several characters that I just love and then there are the characters that you just have to hate.  For instance, I kind of am really starting to hate Shane and I hope he gets killed off at some point in the future.  I liked him at first but he's getting worse and worse to me.  I also really don't like Rick's wife.
Also, the people that do the makeup in the series are seriously fantastic.  Each of the zombies has their own story and you can see a bite or a scratch on almost all of them, the bite or scratch that killed them.

Anyway, I really liked the first series of this.  I admit, there were a few points where it was a little boring and I felt like they could have left some scenes out, it moved a little slow, but maybe that will be made up for in Season 2.  The first few episodes are on OnDemand, so I need to jump on that before they start the season up again.  If you like zombies, and you like drama, I think that this is something that you need to watch, if you haven't already!

On a side note, if you're a reader of the graphic novels, I have no idea how closely the series goes along with them, since I've never read it before.  Hopefully they stick pretty close to it!

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