Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sunday Salon (29)

Can I just start off by saying that searching for jobs is so FRUSTRATING.  Especially when the field you want to go into wants AT LEAST 5 years of experience?  How do you suppose I get that if you don't hire me?  I have a degree people!  Cut me some slack!

And now that that's over.
Reading this week was a little slow for me.  Things have been hectic...and rather difficult to some degree.  I did finish one book, I started and finished The Gunslinger by Stephen King and kicked off my Dark Tower reading challenge.  I'll be posting a review for that next week sometime.  I also managed to finish The Stream: Discovery by Bill Jones so there will also be a review of that at some point this week.

So I've been seeing a little bit of drama around the blogosphere lately, concerning some authors and reviewers. Recently, there was a reviewer who posted some of her thoughts on a book that she read.  It just so happened that she didn't like the book, and she said she didn't and why, and then said maybe I just don't see it, but other people have liked it, so I guess I'm just missing it.
Well, cue author who found the post by googling herself and proceeded to post a scathing post on her blog that attacked the blogger directly on her review to her about me section.  Hello lady, where the hell is your professionalism?  I know that it must suck to find out that not everyone likes your book, but if you're going to be that overly sensitive about it, you maybe shouldn't publish your work.  There are going to be people that like and don't like your work.  That's the thing about reading, its very SUBJECTIVE.  Of course book bloggers of all kinds rallied behind the attacked blogger and she removed the post, but the entire thing was ridiculous, no fault of the blogger.
This all happened like maybe two weeks ago, but I was just thinking about it and how ridiculous it all was.
What are your thoughts on this?  Have you ever been in a similar situation?  Share!


Unfinished Person said...

I'm with you in that I think authors need to get thicker skins than they have. However, book bloggers shouldn't attack authors either...although I don't think that was the case here. You still can have a valid dislike of an author's writing without attacking the author...unless the author is a douchebag. :P Just kidding, authors. Oh, gosh, look what I've started.

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

The blogger definitely didn't attack the author, the author just got nasty about the whole thing. The blogger actually never ever responded to the rude blog post, it was the rest of the blogging community that did.
Some people are just stupid. It amazes me!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Yes, it sounds as though this blogger was quite tactful, suggesting that she herself might be missing something...and that others liked the book. Quite different from the blogger who went all nutso with her scathing remarks. I don't think an author should attack a blogger, no matter how "scathing" the review; there are ways to disagree (or ignore) these kinds of reviews. Duh...ignore.

I haven't had this kind of review (scathing), but one reviewer deducted one star from one of my books because of "explicit sex," but I sat on my hands and didn't attack the

As Unfinished Person says, we need thicker skins (as authors). Maybe as bloggers, too.

Thanks for the post.

Here's MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s

Jillian said...

I didn't even know about the drama. I try not to pay attention to all that. It's a negative energy that just puts an unpleasant haze over a really fun hobby. I guess I'm lucky in that I mostly discuss the classics. (Their authors can't talk back!)

Best of luck in the job search!

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

Well, if that's the only reason that they gave you a one star, I think that's rather silly, but apparently they must have some serious convictions about that sort of thing...
I can agree, we need thicker skins as bloggers as well, some people don't like the reviews people post, I've been attacked on Amazon before (which made me laugh more than anything). I guess people really just need to learn to be...nicer? I don't think that's what I really want to say, but I can't think of exactly how to say it so, hopefully, you get my point!

S.Leighanne @ Leighanne's Lit said...

I tend to not pay attention to most of it either! I was on Twitter this morning and apparently there was another incident of some sort, but I was reading all day and totally missed it!
Honestly, it happens more in the YA blogging community than anywhere from what I can tell.

And thank you! I hope I can find something soon! :]

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