Saturday, March 24, 2012

Genre Loyalty (Discussion)

I've seen quite a few posts lately about genre loyalty.  So that just sort of got me thinking about it.

There are so many readers that ONLY read a certain genre.  I see SO MANY exclusively YA blogs around that it seems to be the vast majority of book blogs (I know that's not true, that's just what it feels like at times).  Or some people I know only read romance.  Or they only read books Oprah approves.
I just think that's a little silly.  Of course, to each their own, if you don't want to read another genre, by all means, don't.  I just think that by doing that you're seriously limiting yourself.

If you read my blog, you know I LOVE HORROR.  I can't get enough of it.  But you will also see a little bit of everything on this blog.  I used to be the sort of person that was sort of snotty with the genres that I read, like I felt that other genres weren't worth reading.  Then I picked up a historical fiction novel and completely LOVED IT.  Who knew, right?  I own A LOT of historical fiction now and I probably would never have given that genre a second thought if I had something else to read at the time.  When I got to thinking about it, I figured that there were other genres that I had never read that I might want to give a try.

I started reading mysteries, thrilllers, and even classics.  I actually even picked up a christian fiction book and liked it.  YA is actually part of this new category for me.  I didn't really read YA up until very recently and turns out I love that, too.
I was also the person that said 'I'll probably never read a comic book or graphic novel.'  Yea, I'm on Volume 4 of The Walking Dead and bought Volume 1 of American Vampire.  AND I LOVE IT.
Of course, horror will always be my 'go-to' so to speak.  Its something that I love, but when I get into slumps, sometimes it really nice to step out of my comfort zone and read something different and fresh.  It gets me back into the swing of things.

How do you feel about genre loyalty?  Do you only read one genre?  Are you all over the place?  What are your thoughts?!  I want to hear from you!  Discuss!

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