Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Stephen King Film Adaptation?

As I think I've mentioned a million different times, Stephen King is one of my favorite writers.  I devour anything written by him, or any film adaptations of his works as well.  The classics (The Shining, Carrie) and the newer films and mini series (1408Bag of Bones).

So I got an email from Goodreads that said there were new blog posts from Stephen King, I headed on over to check it out.  The blog post announced this:
"In the spirit of Creepshow and Cat's Eye, a new motion picture anthology directed by Mark Pavia has been officially announced. Stephen King's The Reaper's Image will feature four short films including The Reapers Image, Mile 81, N., and The Monkey.With two of the stories hand selected by Stephen and two selected by Mark, the project is a solid mix of classic and contemporary King tales sure to please the Constant Reader." 
Now, I've read all of these stories, except for N.  I do have a copy of Just After Sunset, but I have yet to read it.  Overall,  I think this is going to be a pretty interesting film.  

I do however, have one problem with it.  
Mile 81.
I don't know if you have read my review, but I REALLY REALLY disliked that novella.  It was released right before 11/22/63 was released, and I think that it was just a way to hold the fans over, but either way, I thought it was lacking in many many areas.  Maybe it will translate to the screen better, but that's the only problem I have with it.

So, are you a King fan?  Did you know about this previously?  If you didn't, are you excited?  What do you think about the stories that were chosen?  Comment, discuss, I want to hear what you think! :]

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