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REVIEW: Red Glove by Holly Black

book cover of red glove by holly black
Title: Red Glove (The Curse Workers #2)
Author: Holly Black
Date Published: April 2011
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Page Count: 325 pages
Challenge: None.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Warning:  This is the second book in the Curse Worker's Series.  If you haven't read the first, I don't suggest reading this post any further.  You can read my review of White Cat here.

Installment #2 in the Curse Worker's Series.  Cassel's mom is out of jail and he's spent the summer with her in Atlantic City conning their way through different hotels and different men.  Now its the beginning of the school year, so Cassel's headed back to Wallingford with Sam and Daneca...and Lila?  Yes, Lila.
But things start to go wrong as soon as he gets there and next thing he knows, his brother Phillip is dead, with no idea who's done it.  But with Lila's dad wanting him to 'join the family,' and the feds breathing down his neck, Cassel is going to have to figure out where his loyalties lie and what he's going to do.

I listened to the first book in audio and really enjoyed it.  It was my first audio book and it was a good first one and it was a good story.  This is just a continuation of that story.  With a few more twists and turns, of course.
A lot of this book focuses on the relationship that is between Cassel and Lila.  Of the lack of one.  Or how Cassel wants to have one but he can't.

The biggest mystery in the book is who killed Cassel's brother.  Maybe its just because I read a lot of Agatha Christie, or maybe its just because I'm awesome, but I guessed who it was a long time before there were ever any real hints about the killer.  Not that it detracts from the story (well, maybe just a little).

Anyway, I enjoyed the book, and the dynamic of the relationship between Cassel and Lila and I love Cassel's friends as well and how they had an increased role in this one.  I'm really interested to see where Black takes this because of the way that this book ended, and I will get to see as soon as I get the ARC!

Good book, love the characters, can't wait to read the third, it gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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