Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Sunday Salon (35) - Happy Easter!

The Sunday Salon
Or, as a coworker of mine puts it, Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Right now, as you're reading this, I'm probably working.  I was supposed to have today off, but other things happened.
I woke up Thursday morning with some sinus pressure.  As I was at work, and continued working, it kept growing and growing and it was throwing off my equilibrium so bad that I almost face-planted on the concrete floors several times.  Finally, I couldn't take it, and I didn't trust myself to drive (everything was swimming) so I had my lovely mother come get me and take me to Doctor's Care.  I waited in there for over an hour, crying because the pressure on the left side of my face HURT SO BAD and it was making my teeth hurt.  He put me on some antibiotics for a sinus infection and sent me home.  But then the fever started.  It was a low grade fever, but a fever nonetheless, so I had the day off Friday and stayed in bed.  Read an entire book.  By 6, I still had the fever.  I was supposed to work all day Saturday.  Well, I'm contagious while I have a fever, so I called my coworkers and no one could cover me, so they just had to deal without me.  But, since I called out that day, I was supposed to have Sunday off, but I had to make up the day I missed.  YAY BEING SICK.
The only good thing:  I read all of A Wrinkle in Time Friday afternoon, and I read The Walking Dead Volumes 4 and 5 and the first volume of American Vampire on Saturday.

And I wrote a bunch of reviews and such in between naps.  That's about the only good thing about being sick.

In other life news, I'm going to be going to an employment agency sometime after this plague completely goes away and I'm going to pray that they can find me a full time job.  I love Old Navy and I love my coworkers, but I just can't do part time anymore.  I can't make a career out of it and I need to move on and get my own place and be with the person that makes me the happiest I've ever been.  So.  That's the next step in my life.

So that's all I have for today, so I leave you with this video.  The Seduction by He Is Legend.  This is easily one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. And the video is just funny.  With the puppets and what not.  Enjoy :]

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