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     Here's a current list of all of the books that I have reviewed.  The list is organized in alphabetical order based upon the author's last name.  Underneath the Author's last name is the list of books by that author in alphabetical order as well.

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Alcott, Louisa May
     - Little Women
Austen, Jane

Ba, Mariama
     - Scarlet Song
Bachman, Richard (Also known as Stephen King)
     - The Regulators
Barker, Clive
     - Abarat Series
          - Abarat (Book 1)
          - Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War (Book 2)
          - Abarat: Absolute Midnight (Book 3)
     - The Hellbound Heart
     - Mister B. Gone
Beineke, Jason
     - Blackstone: Drawing the Circle
Black, Holly
     - The Curse Workers Series
          - White Cat (Book 1)
          - Red Glove (Book 2)
          - Black Heart (Book 3)
Brown, William
     - The Undertaker

Chidgey, Catherine
     - The Transformation
Cho, Ciye
     - Sheiwo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure
Christie, Agatha
     - And Then There Were None
     - Appointment With Death
     - Death on the Nile
     - Evil Under the Sun
     - The Moving Finger
     - Murder in Three Acts
     - Murder on the Orient Express
     - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Collins, Suzanne
     - The Hunger Games Trilogy
          - The Hunger Games (Book 1)
          - Catching Fire (Book 2)
          - Mockingjay (Book 3)
Conrad, Joseph
     - Heart of Darkness

Denton, Bradley
     - Blackburn
Desai, Kiran

Ende, Michael
     - The NeverEnding Story
Fitch, Janet
     White Oleander
Follet, Ken
Frey, James

Gabaldon, Diana
     - The Outlander Series
          - Outlander (Book 1)
Gates, J. Gabriel
     - The Sleepwalkers
Gregory, Philippa

Hill, Susan
     - The Woman in Black
Hollingshead, Greg
Hosseini, Khaled


Jones Jr., Bill
     - The Stream: Discovery

King, Stephen
     - Black House
     - Blockade Billy
     - The Colorado Kid
     - The Dark Tower Series
          - The Gunslinger (Book 1)
          - The Drawing of the Three (Book 2)
          - The Waste Lands (Book 3)
          - Wizard and Glass (Book 4)
          - The Wolves of the Calla (Book 5)
          - Song of Susannah (Book 6)
          - The Dark Tower (Book 7)
     - Desperation
     - Duma Key
     - It
     - Mile 81
     - The Stand
     - The Talisman
Koff, Clea
     - The Bone Woman

Larson, Erik
     - The Devil in the White City
Learner, Tobsha
Letts, Billie
     - Shoot the Moon
Lewis, C. S
     - The Chronicles of Narnia
          - The Magician's Nephew (Book 1)
          - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Book 2)
          - The Horse and His Boy (Book 3)
          - Prince Caspian (Book 4)
          - The Voyage of the 'Dawn Treader' (Book 5)
          - The Silver Chair (Book 6)
          - The Last Battle (Book 7)

Min, Anchee
     - Wild Ginger
Moreland, Brian
     - Dead of Winter


O'Bannon, Mark
     - The Dream Crystal
Orwell, George

Patterson, Joshua Grover-David
     - Baby Teeth
     - Blood Calling
     - Mercy
     - The Werewolf Solution
Peretti, Frank
     - The Oath


Reeder, Ben
     - The Demon's Apprentice
Rinaldo, Joseph
     - Hazardous Choices
     - A Spy at Home
Rowling, J. K
     - The Harry Potter Series
Shelley, Mary
     - Frankenstein
Stevenson, Robert Louis
     - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
     - Treasure Island
Stockett, Kathryn
     - The Help
Tolkien, J. R. R
     - The Hobbit
     - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
          - The Two Towers (Book 2)

Van Why, Artie
     - That Day in September
Vonnegut, Kurt
     - Cat's Cradle

Williams, Gordon
     - The Siege of Trencher's Farm (Straw Dogs)
Wroblewski, David
     - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle


Yoshimoto, Banana
     - The Lake


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